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shine your light

for all to see

a star atop

a christmas tree

share your life

with those you need

and always stop

to rest and breathe

Just the Ticket

consciousness feels like a massive rollercoaster

that i didn’t ask to board,

and i’ve no idea when the twists and drops will come.

but i’m strapped in;

it’s a chaotic order, where the

one and only sure thing is that

it will most certainly end.

since i can’t say when or how abrupt the stop will be,

i will not obsess or predict or turn my knuckles white

but relax and enjoy what’s left of the ride, instead.

life was a waiting room

for a brand new frontier

guards at the gate with my name in a book.

earth was a crowded womb

where i napped through the years

assured of my fate by the vow that i took.

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