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the ego is fear

and control wrapped in lust

for power and approval

he grabs ahold of the heart

and cites its deep trust

as grounds for removal

atop his new throne

the ego will groan

grasping for affection

if only he’d known

not to bury his own

after forced dissection

Guess What Happened Today?

Dear Diary,

Guess what!!!! The absolute LOVE of my life is a man named Peter. We traded nods of quiet recognition while crossing Bumble Street this afternoon in front of Milly’s candle shop, and he was to completely DIE FOR in his pressed suit, slick hair and handy hotel conference name tag. He even looked like a Peter with that hair and those white teeth. I suppose Peter, Jr. would have the same smile. Maybe he can fit into the same suit one day? Of course I’m kidding, but I WILL report back to you the very MOMENT I spot him again, maybe on the same street, and AFTER I propose marriage on the spot. Oh, you know I wouldn’t do that!




shine your light

for all to see

a star atop

a christmas tree

share your life

with those you need

and always stop

to rest and breathe

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