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i was born when rays of light
hit writing on the wall,
timeless up until the night
i caught a hand mid-scrawl

with numbered days i looked within
and scrambled to unwind,
to shed the skin, to start again
but first to kill the mind

woke up with perfect memory
two brand new eyes to see
i’d met life and its enemy
now we were one, all three

Socialite’s Anthem

Believe me, I was just like you

Stifled and degraded, too

My wings were clipped; my tongue was snipped

My cage the smallest at the zoo

They kicked me down to shut me up

Poured cyanide into my cup

My haters want me gone for good

Wish me dead and knock on wood

But I got this new disco ball

And it sure does the trick

Tons of glitter and alcohol

It really makes them sick


the ego is fear

and control wrapped in lust

for power and approval

he grabs ahold of the heart

and cites its deep trust

as grounds for removal

atop his new throne

the ego will groan

grasping for affection

if only he’d known

not to bury his own

after forced dissection

personal statement of faith

i trust the ground i walk on

won’t crumble under my feet

that i have much in common

with everyone i meet

i take no day for granted

but do not fear the end

once my seeds are planted

the harvest will come in


shine your light

for all to see

a star atop

a christmas tree

share your life

with those you need

and always stop

to rest and breathe

Note to Self

it’s no fun to be a dreamer

in the name of self-defense

to retreat into

soothing delusions and what-if s

distracted by thoughts

of what really should be

rather than

making your peace with what is

Safe House

The secret to eternal youth

is a life of constant fear,

that snug shelter

in the storm

of uncertainty and change.

Warm, familiar

paralyzing and seductive,

it would like to keep you quiet,


and dumb.


the artist’s life is solitary

because she dreams on her own

her life

and her bones

belong to those nights


Just the Ticket

consciousness feels like a massive rollercoaster

that i didn’t ask to board,

and i’ve no idea when the twists and drops will come.

but i’m strapped in;

it’s a chaotic order, where the

one and only sure thing is that

it will most certainly end.

since i can’t say when or how abrupt the stop will be,

i will not obsess or predict or turn my knuckles white

but relax and enjoy what’s left of the ride, instead.


at the top of each new day

there’s one thing i must do

to give myself a way

and start this life anew

just take my cup of hope

refill it to the brim

so that my fear won’t grope

or have me at its whim

how small i am

compared to the clouds and blinding sun

glorious in scope and beauty

they are bigger than the trees

and even the biggest things

we’ve built with our hands

in peace they come and go

and one day will go for good

like me and all i know

how small i am

Letters from Camp

we’re sad that you’ve gone

and we all say hello

with each passing dawn

we miss you more so


our Leader sends love

from His heart to yours

with peace like a dove

He keeps us indoors


(so what’s the air like

outside these walls?

how gray is the sky?

how thick is the fog?)


we hope that you’re well

wherever you are

we really can’t tell

you’ve traveled too far


it’s cozy in here

we’re safe from the storm

there’s no need to fear

His grace is so warm


(see how quickly that limb

snaps under your feet!

see, you’re helping us trim

the chaff from the wheat!)


one day you’ll get cold

and come back inside

the end was foretold

so why even try?

life was a waiting room

for a brand new frontier

guards at the gate with my name in a book.

earth was a crowded womb

where i napped through the years

assured of my fate by the vow that i took.

the whole of my life

will not be a struggle

i won’t fight to survive

until i take my last breath

because my days will turn into months

and those into years

and peace will settle over the span.

no looking ahead in fear

or back in regret

no spending a lifetime

trying to forget

only living and growing at my own speed

exchanging love and goodwill according to need

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